Leveling the Playing Field: The Democratization of Technology

Leveling the Playing Field explores in an accessible and entertaining fashion the technologies that “trickle down” to the rest of us, those that were once the domain of the wealthy and powerfuland which therefore tended to make them even more wealthy and powerful. Now, though, these technologiesfrom books to computers to 3D printing and beyondhave become part of a common toolkit, one accessible to almost anyone. This is what happens with most technologies: They begin in the hands of the few, and they end up in the hands of the many. Along the way, they sometimes transform the world. The book will appeal to the nontechnical reader as well as the seasoned tech pro.

Two Years Before the Mast

The true story of the battered life of a foremast crewman, Two Years Before the Mast is Richard Henry Dana’s classic travel narrative, which inspired canonical works such as Moby Dick and Sailing Alone Around the World. The book follows Dana (a Harvard dropout-turned-sailor) on his voyages around North America, and includes annotations that brings Dana’s tale to life with critiques, commentary, complements, tie-ins to today, and little-known facts about both the book and about the time period. This is the timeless story of a young man who abandons the sheltered life of a well-to-do Boston college student and sets off on a multi-year journey to the coast of what will eventually be California. 

Sailing Alone Around the World

Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World is a classic, beloved by sailors the world over who have enjoyed this engrossing tale of a man who sails around the world alone in a small wooden sailboat built largely with his own hands. This edition is thoroughly annotated and included explanation, commentary, clarification, and In the News sidebars for historical context that make Slocum's masterpiece more accessible to today's readers. An engrossing yarn about a man more at home on the sea than on land, and one unafraid to literally set sail for the unknown, trusting in luck, Providence, and his own formidable skills as a mariner to see him through his journey. 

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