I have been—at various and often overlapping timesa teacher, a software developer, a writer/editor, and a cybersecurity coordinator. (Hey, if you live long enough, you get to have multiple careers, right?)

I began my career teaching high school English, but eventually left teaching to become an editor at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in San Diego, CA. At HBJ, I edited a variety of humanities texts and participated in the development of computerized test preparation and textbook management products.

Drifting inexorably (and somewhat inexplicably) into software development, two partners and I started an educational software company called StudyWare, Inc., which became the nation’s leading provider of test preparation and course review software. When the company was purchased by Cliffs Notes (at that time located in Lincoln, NE) we relocated to the Midwest.

Having written for a number of technology magazines (and Cliffs Notes eventually having been sold and moved out of state), I became the editor of Smart Computing Magazine, a position I held for several years, while continuing to write articles and to research, edit, and annotate books for a number of publishers. 

I also spent a couple of years running the software development department for, a University of Nebraska spin-off that designed and implemented online high school courses.

I now do cybersecurity work for the same company that formerly published Smart Computing, and in my spare time—such as it is—I teach writing at Southeast Community College in Lincoln.

As I head into retirement, my intent is to return to Oregon and concentrate almost exclusively on teaching and on various forms of editorial work; that could mean writing more books (the publishing gods being willing), as well as taking on more freelance articles and editing gigs.

One thing it will definitely mean is spending lots of time with family in Oregon, Washington, and elsewhere, and—as often as possible—traveling with my wife around the country in our camp trailer. 

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