Monday, October 24, 2016

Workin' for the good stuff!

I really need to learn how to turn down work. Or maybe just budget my time a bit better. Right now I find myself buried beneath a mountain of tasks, all of them vying for my time: First, of course, there's my actual jobthe one that pays the bills! (And about which I really can't complain. Good people, interesting work, decent boss. So it deserves my full attention during the work week. And there are those bills, after all.) Then there's the writing course I teach at Southeast Community College. And, since I'm preparing to teach an online course next quarter, I'm also taking a course on how to teach an online course. (Yes, the course I'm taking to learn how to teach an online course is itself an online course. Of course!)

This past weekend I delivered an address to the annual APCUG conference in Las Vegas. It was a remote presentation using Zoom, a tool I had never used but which I highly recommend. Very slick, very powerful, very intuitive. The address went well, and it was fun reconnecting with some of the folks that I used to visit back when I was the editor of Smart Computing. The prep work to put together the presentation took several hours, but it was worth it: it was fun and useful, it was a good learning experience for me, and it was a good opportunity to plug the new book. (I may be able to provide a link to the presentation, assuming that the APCUG tech guyJohn Kennedy, who was both incredibly helpful and extremely patientrecorded it.)

Yeah, the good stuff! Now we're talkin'. Maybe we'll
even get a cat!
Then there are the freelance editing gigs. I really wasn't looking for those (yet), but I didn't want to turn them down. A new publisher contacted me (yes, it all boils down to networking, past contacts and friends, etc.) with the first of what promised to be several jobs, perhaps even an ongoing relationship. Since I'm planning to retire soon (in exactly 193 days, as it happensnot that I'm counting, of course), I was hoping to continue doing the occasional (or even regular) freelance editing or writing job, so that after retirement Lesley and I can afford to eat the good cat food; you know, the canned stuff, rather than the generic store-brand kitty kibble. Anyway, those jobs kept coming, and the publisher pulled me off of an initial project to jump on a time-sensitive second one, and then a third. I'm about to finish that off and get back to the original job, unless I get pulled off again. But hey, this is what you need when you're going to retire but still require A) a revenue stream and B) something to keep your brain active, learning, and engaged.
Nature's perfect food.
Anyway, I'm hoping things calm down a bit. I miss hanging out on the porch with Lesley and Annie. Maybe we could even go to a movie or something. (Me and Lesley. Not Annie. Annie would spend the entire movie scouring the theater for spare bits of popcorn and licking up Thin Mints and God only knows what else.)

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