Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Signing Success!

Well, Saturday's book signing at B&N SouthPointe was by all accounts a great success: Lots of people showed up (including my longtime buddies, Bert and Sarah, who flew all the way from Sacramento! [Knowing Bert as I do, this is the point at which he would insert, "And boy, were our arms tired!" Thank you, Bert. You may sit down now.]), many books were sold, most of the people laughed at most of the jokes, andvery importantlyno babies cried or threw up on their parents. (Or if they did, they did it very quietly, which I'm sure we all appreciated.)

I saw several people I hadn't seen for ages, some neighbors that I figured would have had better things to do on a football Saturday (admittedly, the gamesorry, The Gamewasn't until later that day), and a bunch of great folks from work who ventured out on a rainy day. Thank you all.

Again, I have to thank Jen Jackson, B&N's Community Business Development Manager. She works tirelessly on behalf of all the authors she hosts, making sure that there are plenty of books, signage, media coverage, and the whole bit. And that's just one of her many jobs! (In my case, she and my wife and the café staff also made sure we had plenty of cookieswhich we all know is what really convinced people to come out. As I told them during the Q&A, I've now learned two things: The first is that it pays to bribe people to come out, and the second is that my friends apparently bribe pretty cheaply. Always good to know that about one's friends.)

Of course, in addition to Jen and all of people who showed up for the signing, I also have to thank Lesley, my wife and one-woman marketing department. Her support has been and continues to be awesomeand she's so much better at that marketing stuff than I am. Also, she's much better looking. 

I'm not going to list all of the attendees here, but please know that I truly appreciate your coming out and spending a chunk of your Saturday afternoon with me. And I also appreciate your buying all of those books! (You should keep doing that. The holiday season is coming up, after all; you'll probably want a case or twoI'm sure they'll make great gifts.)

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